“I’m not having an identity crisis! I’m having a…catharsis!”
–Eve, in Reconstructing Eve


The breeze blew on cue, making the wildly chaotic array of colors and shapes dance this way and that. Photos forgotten, I stared at the phenomenal patterns forming and reforming in front of my eyes. The garden’s billow and flow reminded me of a flock of birds, only here it was the flowers and leaves swaying in unison. Petals fluttered, the tall ornamental grass rippled, and while all of it bowed to breeze, everything rebounded, standing straight and proud in the limited moments of calm.

This is us.

This is our journey.

This is life in the “garden state.”

The seeds are planted; by sharing our experiences & wisdom, we’ll collectively grow.

Our connection strengthens us, creating an climate where all can flourish.

Even during the wildly chaotic times.

Welcome to Reconstructing Eve…

 Praise for Reconstructing Eve, the novel:

Reconstructing Eve is a story that is a testament to the trials and tribulations of womanhood and the ability to transform your life into one that will be fulfilling and happy. This is the type of story that has its entertainment value, but it is also one that will resonate with you long after the last words are read.” Jersey Girl Book Reviews – 5 Stars!

“This book was great! I couldn’t put the book down, it kept me engaged and entertained through every chapter. It made me laugh many times and cry through the painful times. Lisa Hilleren is a wonderful author who takes you on a wonderful adventure through the mid-life of a woman who finds herself again. Read it, it’s worth it!” Amazon Reader Review – 5 Stars!